Vermutet & Wardrobe Restart XI (Mercat Intercanvi Roba)


Un evento para intercambiar ropa pre-amada, limpiar y repoblar los armarios. ¡Trae ropa y complementos limpios y en buen estado y llévate lo que sea!

Nosotras prepararemos un pica-pica y Ateneu Roig tiene el vermut.

¡Ven y trae amigxs!

An event to exchange your pre-loved garments for those of somebody else, a great reason to clean and then repopulate your wardrobe. Bring at least one thing, take away as many as you want! More info on how we do it here:

Pica-pica will be provided, and Ateneu Roig vermut is waiting for you.

Come and bring your friends with you!

For prep reading matter, there are a lot of posts about these events here:, especially this one:


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